Chap. 5 – add poems

The brilliant kernel of the night,
The flaming lightroom circles me:
I sit within a blaze of light

Held high above the dusky sea.
Far off the surf doth break and roar
Along bleak miles of moonlit shore,

Where through the tides the tumbling wave
Falls in an avalanche of foam
And drives its churned waters home
Up many an undercliff and cave.

··· Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894 ···

‘a poem ‘ (abbreviated)
Gentle Soul,
You are living everywhere.
You are rare as a golden bow,
You are unique as one in millions
and millions.
Your breath moves the breath of the whole;
Where life is, you are there.
At last I knew what spirits know
And light shone down from the billions
and billions
of stars;
Peace, supreme peace!
It amuses our Lord
to pretend we are not He,
to imagine we suffer fear,
illusion, separateness,
while the lamp of awareness –
truth – is within.
Deathless Soul,
You’re always shining brightly,
What is there in you but light?

I know not love nor pain,
nor beauty nor death.
But what I know is greater still –
In every word and breath:

I feel your touch and see your face;
And seeing this, it gives me peace.
To know I’m one with my story’s author,
And bring an ageless wisdom to youth.

Yet I’m a child forever, always,
My eyes will not grow dim with time.
Inexpressible I am, nor am I able,
To express what I found most sublime.

My mind is like the mind of a child;
I rest, and resting know what there is;
We create our mind with formations and thoughts,
Resting, come home to peace and infinite bliss.
My eyes are awake,
The air before me alive and awake,
The ground awake,
All around me is life,
And death,
And the two are one.
Everything around me is alive,
And there is no I,
That is seperate from the alive dead world.

My day is complete
I live and breathe and eat and spend time walking,
I am as if in a dream,
And when I dream I am awake.
Each minute of my day is practice,
and practice is awakeness.

I am not so much the breather as the air that I breathe.
Not so much the knower but the known.

I cease to be and I never was,
Yet I have my memories.

As I sit here with you now what I know
Is being passed to you, my dreams,
Everything I have heard or seen,
My world, and what I make of it,
We do not speak of it, but we have the same yearning.

My world is unstable and for this I am grateful.
All of my dreams come from the night.
All of my worlds are on this one Earth,
And I associate myself with the Earth,
And my yearning is of the Earth and universe.

The swirling currents rise and take me.
I disappear into the mist,
And walk into a dream world.
The Infinite Value of You
Strength, truth, hope, love, bliss,
String them together; what is their source?
Breath, peace, living, beautiful reflections
of limitless energy, this
is where the home and heart of every being is.
One day I will waken, and know my dreams are spent,
And wander into sunlight of the day. . .
Peace is there, in boundless measure,
Beneath my mind and body-soul it shines.
If one believes she is strong, then she is,
If you believe all of nature helps you, then it does.
Nothing ever ends, it is eternal;
So let us find peace and explore this.
The sweetness of love in youth; that is humanity today.
The infinite sweetness and beauty of truth, humanity tomorrow.
Enigmatic is the mystery of you;
Clear shining as the sun is tomorrow.
Do you have a good idea today?
Plant it, grow it to fruition, We’ll know you.
Stop once, and feel your way through;
Boundless trees abide where once an acorn grew.
Think not of war or vengeance; be Love,
and you’ll be guided home.
Stop never, but pull the unwanted weeds;
To grow your vast world garden into something new.
If you would stay true,
Please tell; Who are you?
to an unnamed life

my dear, dear love,
i love you so much, with all my heart.
i will pray for you with all my heart as i read scripture,
and think of you as i meditate until you become real to me.
as i meditate, my energy flows into the source,
and light, awareness, shines.
each word as i chant god’s name,
is a beautiful sound,
it describes everything– consciousness.
yet i know we are barely conscious,
lost in darkness, defeated.
but for me i have a light, and that light is your name.
i know beyond a doubt god lives,
he is the maintainer of everything.
our home is in him, and our source,
and how can we be separate from the source?
but our body, our soul, my love;
it is one thing we do not know perfectly,
or if we do we are buddhas.
but i know the truth is that we are buddhas,
we only have yet to realize it.
and in truth our bodies are made up of blossoming lotuses.
and each lotus flower is made up of thousands of buddhas of light.
this is the reality i know is beyond my vision.
and what is beyond it i cannot imagine.
how intricately carved is our life– and how beautiful!
the purpose, wordless, unknown– do we live or die?
our thoughts free flowing in channels from the source,
or cut off by ignorance and desire,
we die.
how intricately carved is our life– and how beautiful!
the purpose, wordless, unknown, do we live or die?
can you tell me of a secret path to immortal life,
or am i doomed to negligence, to living die?
i cannot deny the sphere of reality,
and my feet are drawn to the secret path.
now, while it is too dark to see,
i will climb and forever follow your light,
pure love, pure love, pure love.
Divine Peace
My Lord, I pray for peace.
Lord, the remedy of all ills
is the quiet sound of your name.
All my afflictions are nothing
when I am in your presence.
Evil cannot lay a shadow on me
in your light.
My Lord, I pray for peace.
You’ve given me a sacred body,
a mind of light.
You’ve given me this form, Tulku.
You’ve given me my love,
and a heart that endlessly loves you.
Infinitely, life flows into life,
and the pure heart survives,
while evil, decaying, is revealed, and dies.
My Lord, I pray for peace.
I but once speak your name,
and my soul knows stillness as a frozen lake.
My form I shed to take another,
and my soul and every cell exults in pure gratitude.
My heart is still,
waiting for the next sign of you.
Your beauty is my assurance
I am safe with you.
Yet again I come into a new form,
and peace, joy, strength and energy
radiate my being.
I prayed for peace, and you made your presence known.
Asked for guidance and you enfolded me in your Self.
Asked for sight, and you showed me the mirage of this world fade,
and knowledge you bestowed, to show me that my center is your soul.
Beauty is existence, truth,
union of opposites –
individual, environment,
subject, object,
a part – the whole.
My peace is my reality –
I am nothing and cannot be destroyed,
I am only You.
It is said, good is like a tree,
while evil is like grass.
The good will remain for years,
but evil will fade quickly.
Many days I saw you,
and now I know what I saw –
In your existence there is no diminishing.
You are the Champion, and our Guardian,
Angel of our evolution.
This world is lost in the finite,
But we are part of your Infinite,
we are you.
Dear Lord, you are infinite, perfect divine existence,
Absolute truth, eternal Being.
Every soul is part of you,
and all return to you.
You alone are infinite reality,
yet still this world seems to exist in shadow,
here there appears to be evil.
What can I do?
Human beings are not computers, with a set of rules.
Rules exist for society,
rather for governing animals –
when we know the next stage of consciousness,
our evolution,
perceive the infinite spirit that is our source
and the sole reality,
then rules keep us bound in duality,
and keep us from seeing you.
What is? and what should be?
Infinite worlds exist, and all exist for You.
Out of this darkness, out of this finite maze,
There is only your grace, to bring us to you.
It is both your mercy that we are blind and that we see –
that we dream and that we wake,
that we are dead and that we live.
Your clues and signs and divine saints are nigh innumerable,
and yet the world seems so forgone into illusion.
Everyone has the truth of their family, and their nation,
Though they do not know they sin against you.
Their only sin is weakness.
Animal nature, divine nature,
I care not what the world chose to be.
A breath, a turn, a revolution,
I choose to rest in the spirit’s calm,
beyond world, strife, and confusion.

what is there
what is there
what is there there
what is is
is what is there
is what is is
what is is what is there
what is there?

should I just keep silent?
I finally found my peace
deep as the river,
wide as the planet.

Unplug, let go, retreat,
gaze on the universal beauty
smile with infinite peace.
.Aimless, trackless, witless,
don’t they aim for something?
They don’t aim for anything.
They destroy whatever they make,
and they don’t try to make anything.

There’s an infinite divine being,
this universe is the mirror of his mind.
It’s not my job to enlighten,
as you can see, I am not trying.

In my years I’ve seen the infinite –
We exist beyond time, which is the same
as infinite time.
We exist beyond space, which is the same
as infinite space.
We exist beyond beauty, which is the same
as infinite beauty.
We existe beyond love, which is the same
as infinite love.

In my years, I’ve seen the infinite,
but I’m not trying to enlighten.
When you see the infinite, at first you think
you should try to enlighten,
because it is so straightfoward,
It is experience of your soul, your heart,
.(parts removed)
Yet I have the memory of my experience of oneness,
divine union, consciousness divine –
and the strongest possible imperative to remember this,
and never to forget, or worry, or fear.

And at times –
I get a glimpse of that same old oneness,
the infinite and mine.
the way nature is
the way nature is
is a natural way –

an eternity of years
to create the beauty of today.

the sun shines down past leaves
and i look at the universe,

it seems to be as it is,
in a natural way.

the way nature is
hides you from yourself

an infinite existence,
you feel you are not.

sun shining down past leaves
is my day, as I see

it pass by, it leaves me
in a state of unease.

where is my source?
does this question lead me

away from such insanity
and weakness around?

should visionaries exist?
does caring create pain?

i speak of the infinite,
yet it feels finite again.

all my words are nothing,
and they fail to enlighten –

the only thing God has said,
is do not forget.

pain is one with peace,
beauty is one with the plain,

the soul is one with the world,
its life giving force is the scene.

it’s natural, in a way –
to see the reflection of a mind

imagining trees, and leaves, and sun,
and a mind’s reflection.
Bhaisajya Guru
Dear Bhaisajya Guru,
Medicine Buddha,

Gently you work your healing,
Which flows into the veins.

Out past the field of knowing,
Past everything, your house remains.

While I seek peace,
You rule unbounded lands;

Your pure, powerful healing energy
heals demons I could never face.

Friend, your wisdom is the common link –
one to another, life to life, all to all.

For those shrouded in the myth of separateness
your courage is the light to banish shadows.

You’re a source of wisdom to all of us,
you simply evoke our own healing power deep within,

just as easily, and simply as a child
might break apart a twig.

There’s ever a dance of speaking,
of what to say is revealing too much secret.

Friend, your wisdom is the common link –
one to another, life to life, all to all.

No method of secrecy is my method,
and I boldly proclaim your healing prowess.

A hand by your guidance is a healing hand,
And there is no suffering within your sight.
‘ soul ‘
Soul, hear me,
I need you,
Take me from here.

Soul, I have known you,
Seen your infinite light,
believed I could make it clear to all.

Why do some speak against you?
Speak against the sacred divine,
profane the fount of life?

It is nothing, it is nothing –
It is merely a reflection of light.
Your infinite peace remains.

Soul, I know you today,
My whole being affirms this!
The whole universe affirms this!

This is your way, you become all of us,
And engage in this vision, this play –
But the play and the players are you.

You are a rushing stream, infinite –
We seem to perceive the laws of the universe, but
My self is awareness, my source is you.

Soul, hear me,
In the silence – the rushing is ceased –
Your face appears.
You are all people, all people are you..
‘ calm ‘ dedicated to goethe
How can we calm ourselves down?
11 years ago

I wished to calm a nation
bent on the eve of war –

to my consternation
my tears were in vain –

and away they leapt
– in retaliation? –

Today, it is nothing.
In the infinite light of life, bring

me a psalm to sing –
that ends our suffering.

How can we calm down?
I think we both know how.

Nothing has ever been hidden –
The sun has always been in view.

Of earth’s rotations, quite a few
Have been in the Garden of Eden.

If to war they would persist –
Until forever we will resist.

[ i wished to say, i had to say here;

not with really self-deprecatory attitude;

but the poems. . . some of these –

some i like completely –
others for sure, it’s just. . .

a higher place of consciousness i understand now. . .

with a few more years exp,

and also lately; two years in peaceful meditation,

then a month in meditation in nature. . .

so extraordinary. . . changed my life, heart, very much. . .

very lovely to be in nature, to put it in action. . .

very great for the heart & body and life. . .

anyway just to say that. . .

tho they are kind of nice,

well – no matter what level of consciousness, of life, you get to – there’s always going to be some

to leave it in the dust. 🙂

‘ I breathed with the angels ‘
I breathed with the angels,
when I learned that kindness brings wings.
And I learned that love brings second-sight,
and forgiveness brings foreknowledge of the future.
When you plant the seeds of generosity,
Eventually there grows to be
A forest from the seeds of the tree –
Ever giving life off its limbs and its boughs;
Life, stored energy, in every living, breathing, breadth of its frame.
Life Tree,
Gift Tree,
Breath Tree,
Tree of our Home.

Tree, stay no wider,
stand no taller than
the highest reaches you can
glad with the help of a spider
exert your special might, your
delivering love of the sky, and the sons of the sky,

Sweet frames that we’d bring to the King,
and glorious reply of our offering,
A house lived in the sunshine,
and a tree feeling frisky with the summer wine,
is the death of a life that never had taste.

A happy, creative child,
is something I never wished to lose,
and I kept to while every abuse –
Never occurred, I would never let me my spirit wild
encounter any surrender of power to another –
I stand on my own to feet, with my head in the clear,
and my sun and my sky at my beck and breath.
Love is around me, and vanishing quickly
are all of the visions of the previous, sickly
voices I listened to, glancingly, laughingly,
lovingly, sparingly, as I learned to live by
a separate set of rules, set distinct for those, free,
with forever hearts that can not be turned off,
or turned aside from whatever suffering arises,
and whatever human emotion captures attention,
for a little while. To grow strong,
is to know love and to pass it along,

to know grief as it truly is, infinite life,
and know that life can never grow into anything but life.

To know that the leaf can never be separate from the tree,
sweet roots can never become separate from the source.
star children of infinite light
Star child,
she smiled,
and took birth
on the earth,
from highest heaven
to light the day
the spirit way –
brighter even
than her mother
before her.
I know how to live
with 100% pure
and perfect health.
This is my wealth.
When words are spoken,
love is woken,
when words are said,
bonds are made.
When spirits rise,
stars are made wise;
when sacred vision,
with imprecision,
are parted ways.
The beauty stays.
Love rose higher
than any desire
When heart’s release
to infinite peace.
Bonds are created
Love sublimated;
A thousand lives
the garden thrives.
Love rose higher
Into sacred fire,
And felt the bliss
high heaven’s kiss —
Then once again new;
once again new,
A hundred, thousand lives,
and the garden thrives.
Then wishing, in a desert,
For one quench of thirst–
Infinitely seen
To be deepest green:
Love, I awoke
when you spoke.
I lived twice —
then tasted spice. . .
The infinite sun
Reflects the one
Light from the stars
All shining into ours.
What word can say
There is infinite day,
A reflection of light
is night.
All stars are reflected,
and interconnected,
In heavenly bliss;
and our happiness
Truth cannot stray
or happen ‘one way.’
Heaven overflows
Life forever grows;
Beauty laureate
And heaven infinite.
All heaven’s in view
When life becomes true:
Look there! The sun!
Is shining — we won!
Life is happening —
Let it flow,
Let all beings grow —
Infinite rainbow
Is this beautiful day.
Relax – relax!!
These are true facts —
that infinite peace claims us
Even as our God names us —
Star children —
All is our glen —
But not to trash,
Or to make vanish.
Star child,
She found high heaven,
As our spirits leaven,
She smiled.
Angelic mother —
She healed our brother —
Returned home is the child.
Our mother — she smiled.
Angelic mother —
Loves those who love her
All those without;
They’re love, too, no doubt.
Infinite child,
Your mother, she smiled.
‘ on the last day ‘
i always thought this held firm, as a poem.

( the mind that is firm, like an ox-print filled with water, will dry up of its imperfections. . . ( hahaha garbled as hell, my quote of it, but lovely verse by Maitripa )
[ but i’ll say, perhaps the poet’s belief of his own poem is quite immaterial! ] [ as is the poem! ] [ and the paper! ] [ and the rest! ]


happiness 🙂
Let the sunlight shine on me.
How it reminds me of my true nature-
Cosmic, angelic, unborn, a being out of time.
The great crystal diamond vehicle in my eyes,
I ride a Blue dragon, in a flight of several,
While unborn presences merge with my mind,
Whispering, chanting, “Eternal.”

It was the beginning of the last day,
And the sun was in a special way.
Flowers rose and starlight fell,
And unseen presences filled the air.
The murmur of the great dragon filled the sky,
And the earth was the groundstuff of his mind,
And the wind whispered the chanted word, “Eternal.”

Life holds close her sister Breath,
And sister Breath holds Life for warmth.
Life, the whore we drag through muddy streets,
And Breath the jackal abused that hides at night.
‘ eeeearly poetry! ‘
Under the trees, and the stars, that guide us,
Hidden by growth! (Thickets! That hide us.)
Close to earth, where Mother is near,
Loving and caring, her arms wound right round.

Now in the trees, now in the wind, now in the stars,
All over rainbows, over all grief, over all stars.
What’s near the rivers? Banks!
Tell us what we are? Thanks!!!

November 24, 2006

And, surely, in this dark hour,
Man’s dark conscience, so maddened with power,
I can see!
That I am bound within form,

And I can feel! That I’m lost
Within the shadows.
Why cannot I pass the night
Formless, shapeless, loneless,
As an angel, dressed in white?
Why am I a sleeping ghost?

November 26, 2006
lol – what perception! you were a ghost back then. . . yet you had glimmers! my dear friend. 🙂
my old past me is almost a stranger, but I understand him, because his fervent shade is one place in my spectrum now. . .
I suppose it is very normal to say that each surpassed level is like a clay figure or still frame, an unmoving figure that can be out-paced, in every way. . .
in this way experience seems to be the most magical aspect of life, if it’s used correctly. . . !

but that is okay! you really have to learn to forgive yourself to be a writer. . . .
and perhaps that is my lesson; my life’s story. I simply approached poetry by blunt-force: write as many as possible – each time something very much is learned. . .
so write 10,000 bad poems, and see if you have any bad poems left! I can bet you that if you do it right. . . if you just. . . just write – many thousands;
trust me, you’ll eventually get good.
and indeed, you either have to do this, or have to completely steel yourself from reactions to others’ views of your poetry.
in fact, consulting others’ views about your poetry may be said to be akin to cluttered debris that is tumbling, while you are in an ocean or river, trying to swim. . .
in other words – a pretty significant obstacle. . . to your learning – all learning is self-learning; you learn, within your heart, from the universe. . .
and opening up to nature is where true learning really is. . .
because experiencing life is where it’s at – so practice of focus, or getting in touch with nature –
with ourselves – who we are; because who we are is always greater than we imagine; if we take the right paths to explore, to find out. . .
this is what the magical journey is about – what the mystical journey; the art & discipline of seeing far, seeing more deeply into the present, etc.
and so many others – this journey is the valuable one.
the more, in a sense, solitarily, one takes this journey, the more reaps the rewards; it’s almost as if, or basically like, sharing the reward of a journey with others if you do so with others. . . where if you do it yourself, you get all the benefit yourself.
well the mechanism would seem to be more simple than that – and has to do simply with concentration;
when you are alone, you can really concentrate, and begin to see the time,
to see more into nature, etc.
for me, there were many beautiful, experiences or miracles, if you will, that I had, that were wonderful; for anyone I am sure they would have a beautiful time / experience.
definitely, we choose where we go; and I am sure, it would be lovely with many variations.
‘ await, we’ll grow ‘
on 23, November, 2006
(1) calm collection

Like calm collection,
A shimmering grace,
With beauty, like a child’s,
Still, in creation,
Her beautiful face,
‘S still, th’ h’ eyes ‘re wild.

Pale in complexion,
With beautiful curls,
Th’ smile in h’ eyes
— Loving direction —
That sorrow ends,
‘S kept so close to heart.

(2) standing tower

A standing tower, that
Long held fast,
As winter winds
Blow and crash,
Crumbles, to fall.

A crumbling tower, on
Surf-torn shore,
Descends, in slow motion,
As every stone
Breaks, to fall,
Cascading, to the shore

Crumbling tower, that long held fast,
As winter winds do win at last,
With every break and fall of stone,
It leaves me ever more alone.

As every sun
Eventually fades,
As every star will fall
Her love will cut me,
Deep, like a heart attack,
Then I will rise and rise.

(3) believe in rainbows

I believe in rainbows;
I’ve seen them, they’ve set me free,
That catch the sun that makes them;
Pretty things to see.

I believe in Ruby’s Raiment;
What hope! For those who know,
Him, the Ruby Rasta,
What love! He’ll always show.

I believe in visions!;
The kind that wake the night,
Of streaming gold and green,
Of flowing blue and white.

I believe in people;
That can be rainbows, too,
And show you all their colours;
Their shades of white and blue.

(4) the note

I’ll tell you all,
I saw it clear!
And well you’d be to hear it;
I know not what it said,
But I saw him read it,
And I saw him fall.

(5) creativity flows

A shimmering lake
— The still of day —
Where creativity flows —
Where nothing’s at stake,
Where nothing’s to say,
‘S where my free wind blows.

(6) form and shadow

Molded clay, form.
Trees with leaves, form.
Lost within the shadows of form.

Sugar craving.
Caffeine and Cocaine, craving.
Lost in the pitfalls of craving.

Clear waters, cleansing.
Singing out loud, cleansing.
My soul and body are cleansed.

Leaves, formless.
Wind and flowers, formless.
I’m delivered from the shadows of form.

(7) safe in my lines

Something different, all new,
Creative, original, sparkling new,
My letters are perfect,
My lines have meter and form;
You’re safe, I’ll breathe you,
If you cannot breathe.

(8) 1983 (for hendrix fans)

She took me to the sea,
She led me to the shore.

She said,
“I’ll take you deep,
And we will live at sea.
But if I have a hard time breathing,
Could you breathe for me?

“My love,”
I said,
“You did not know?”
Should I ever touch the sea,
A merman I should turn to be.”

(9) angels

And now it is — Christmas!
And angels pass my door.
They pause, and serenade,
An angelic host, with voices
Pure, that soothe my breath,
And cure the soul,
They call to me, with
Warmth, and kindness,
And sweet, angelic lure,
They call all hearts
To kindness, and call
At every door.

(10) the letter

If I were an angry letter,
Would you scream, and thrash about?
Would you shred your little letter,
Shred, and throw me out?

I fear you would. I fear you might!
But things won’t end that way.
For I am happy! I am light.
I am the letter ‘A’.
‘ she is not older ‘
she is not older
she is not older,
she is not younger,
she will not die sooner,
or live longer,
she is not frail,
nor is she mellow
she is not kind,
or mean.
let’s grow sing exclaim
24 November, 2006
(!) etheral shadow (metaphysical)

Deep under clay safe from harm

Where I’ve lain for years
And do not stir

I not mind the dirt around me
I mind the sky above
The wind the flowers
and trees and animals

Deep under clay I am not trapped
In form

I am a friendly ghost
One of a great host
Of friendly and hungry ghost

Like a free wind
That can blow where it choose

Yea I’ve gone to heaven
And returned
To the land of sleeping ghosts.

(2) call to arms, soldiering life

I’ll not point the finger, nay,
I’ll not cast the blame.
I’ll not be a firestarter
That fans the flick and flame
And wait for you to change.

I’ll not say “It’s wrong to kill.”
Or even say you’ve killed.
For if you’re blamed,
I’m blamed,
And if you’ve killed,
So’ve I.

(3) dull moment

Never a dull moment,
Caught in your expressive glance!
Caught in your warmth and affection,
I’d always take that chance.
As in, as in, as in all things,
I love YOUR style, too.

(4) love your feel!

Love your feel!
To think of me and write.
You know it means a lot!
To think of me and write.

(5) she and form

She, that’s all good things,
She, that’s warmth and light,
She, when sorrow brings,
That sings,

He, in happy conscience
That stopped to help a begger,
And gave him thirty cents,

Loved, for all he gave her,
Loved, for all her grace,
Loved, and will forever, in
That place.

Place, where we determine,
Place, that sets us free,
Place, that each and each other,
Is form.

(6) a guitar poem

acoustic guitars
play rhythm and bars
melodies brave
a crimson wave
comping to voices
sweet and pure
comping with tide
and time to lure
ringing out sweetly
smiling divine
keeping in check
rhythm and time
rhythm guitar
play one full bar

(7) healing touch

thee that only knoweth heavy
thee whose lips are creased in frown- thee
whose fears and sufferings I levy
love, whose hope undrown
whom i touch, with ethr’al fire
venomous vein and ruinuous blood
a snake of poison mixed with blood,
as monk, or priest of holy fire
evil breaks up with the good

(8) inspiration

Sol, I wish to thank you.
For every day you’ve come.
And made our little frozen planet
A happy place for me.
Sol, I’ve come to thank you.
And pray you’ll come again.
To keep our planet warm
A happy place to be.
Sol, I’ve come to praise you.
For all your days you’ve shined.
You’re energy I long for.
You’re the warmth I love.
Sol, you’ve made me happy
And I depart in peace
With song, and hope, your memory,
With love of you and me.

(9) prayer to the Buddha

O, teacher, master, healer,
I know thou art all things.
Thou that only thou art pure,
Thou that teach all things to sing.

Gotama, o, my teacher,
To thee I give my heart,
That thou mayst cultivate
It to thy holy will.

Siddhartha, thou art my angel,
I know all things in thee,
I place thee in all things, to-day,
May never I forget.

Siddhartha, that’s in all heavens,
And I, a friendly ghost.
Thou art in all heavens,
And I a hungry ghost.

Siddhartha, thou, my teacher,
I pray thee reveal thy will.

I have a girl that’s pure
One that’s well at ease,
Would it please thee well,
If she I were to please?

I pray for mercy,
To be honest,
I pray for her,
To be holy.

(10) my sign is feeling

Back at the first,
Reading back to front,
Feeding on the lines,
Breathing, leaving, now.
Reading back to front,
Feeling for design,
A feeling for believing,
It’s feeling that’s my sign.

(11) she, a faerie

You found me,
You came!

I saw you,
And waited–

‘Til in the forest you went deeper
‘Til closer up you came.

You saw me,
A faerie.

You cried out!
I laughed.

You slowly approached,
As wonder grew.

With my magic!
I slowed your time.

So I could spend so much time with you!
Without you knowing.

Then I took you,
It was so easy!

All the way to India,
And to the floodplains of Bolivia.

We traveled deep in the Amazon,
We went to Berlin,
We went to Bree,
Until I brought you home,
And set you free.

12) an oath

I’m not one to burn,
As with mockery or scorn,
As with fire set to learn,
I will not act this way.

Long I’ve learned it well,
That mockery or scorn,
Will never a man learn,
Or tell.

The way to teach, to please;
To please, to be a friend;
Befriend, to love a man;
Will tell.

13) sain, do you remember?

With one word, I have writ it all,
With two words, I have slain.
As three words come I saw him fall,
To ever repeat it again.

Was my fate
I slew a man to-night.
Brought him round, to take him down,
Slew him once, and twice.
Pushed him over,
Down he flew,
And ever,
As this is true,
He’ll stay within my sight.

14) who knows?

I would write my love, was
garden green and russet
on silver wings that flew
in flowing dreams of blue

so white! she’s dead and gone
lying in a church ground
so with a nod and yawn,
it’s to you i’ll send love on.

“I go into the garden again. The hummingbirds are soaring up and falling in their mating dance, as if there were someone behind the bushes playing ball with them. Fruit and more wine have been put out on the table. Oranges—transformations of the sun into its own image, as if the tree were acknowledging gratitude for warmth. Leaves, green with the pale, yellow-fresh green that I remember from the springtimes of my childhood in Kentish spinneys, where breaking buds were spotted all over the hazel branches in a floating mist. Within them, trunks, boughs, and twigs moist black behind the sunlit green. Fuchsia bushes, tangled traceries of stalks, intermingled with thousands of magenta ballerinas with purple petticoats. And, behind all, towering into the near-twilight sky, the grove of giant eucalyptus trees with their waving clusters of distinctly individual, bamboo-like leaves. Everything here is the visual form of the lilting nonsense and abandoned vocal dexterity of those Hindu musicians.”
“The Joyous Cosmology”
the happy child
Did you know-
I’m a happy child?- Creative?
How smart I am!
And kind, and generous, and yet,
You never even noticed.

Did you know I love my eyes?
How confident they are!
And focused-
When I am in war;
When I am in euphoria.

I’m a sad child, too,-
When you try to explain many things-
(How well I know you!)
You should know,
It makes me want to cry.

Did you know- I know-
You never knew love,
Or compassion?
In that light,
There’s nothing to forgive.

Tears are dried- I have found-
The Romantic Manifesto-
Who is listening?-
Is my destination.
Dec. 14, 2006
Quick, lad, while your day’s at prime–
Carve your heart forever.
Carve your heart, with EROS, man,
And carve your heart with summer.

I had a dream, I could not save–
We were lost, and I could not save–
Her she was hungry, and I could not save–
We were far and I could not drive.

Heartstrings are not tied to sever,
So knit your hearstrings right.
Sweep your heart with winds forever,
And knit your heartstrings tight.
Nov. ’06
the lack of leaves lack fluttering in the dead city of grey.
rain does not fall, though the city is drowning in rainfall.
they run through the city in the grey, soaked night.

in the creative warm colours of spring, a new world is created,
which disappears, melts, more quickly than it begets,
and is soon invisible in the blinding of the sun.

a blue sky lines the trees in the meadow,
the meadow is filled in the afternoon, and is gently replaced by night.
but the afternoon hour lasts for eternity,
and it occurs twenty more times before there is no light.

your kiss purifies me in our garden out of sight,
and i breathe a breath of air fresher than fire,
while your blue, radiant spirit infuses my soul tight,
and time is inexistant in your light.
it’s remembered
written in blue and black ink,
words are forgotten,
as soon as they’re written.

particular, for comic effect,
in truth, peculiar,
penultimate truth is lame.

and silence, above all,
and always back to silence,
may silence always reign.
December 9, 2006
i found much comfort in the closely gathered pines,
leaning on them, my coat pressed against,
ah, that brown leather coat!

and i gaze about the valley,
the sunbeams tracing invisible natural direction,
straining to get here, i imagine-
the trees,
the rocks,
the dust.
the dust in the air, the air!

that genial air!

ah, to heal a soul..
and you tell me souls don’t exist?

Jan 2, 2007

self-induced panic
how easy it is for them to raise their arms!
happy, are you said?
all my emotions-
so confused.
i’m hysterical.

Jan 2, 2007

how, in a million different ways, i feel your presence,
waiting to get free!
release you,
and take me with you,
scout ahead the trees,
spirit let the wind take you.

run along the forest fence,
along the forest’s side.
and to my side a big, yellow field;
sky blue high above, and clouds white;
i run, in the wind. this is my natural state,
and how quick i am!

it’s misty blue now, god has drenched the world
a few days previously,
and this is our reminder-
of his power
of life
this is god and life.

this is it; though i cannot know where i will go,
all things will be spirit,
and i will be guided by the spirit,
in action,
my life a continuity of spirit and action,
i surrender to life.

December 24, 2006
all returns
im a slug
that writes
about rainy nights,
and liquor and fights.
With my hands on my head,
I can see through a clean screen.
A salty taste in the air,
I take a breath that leaves it on my lips.

Now I know what they know,
But that haven’t seen what I’ve seen,
We all see the same sunrise,
But some people still say
that God lies.

My soul was put through this
mutilating machine,
and died,
but I picked it up with you;
and now we both have the intelligence
to know
the sun’s light both in God’s and my eyes
and this life again’s a beautiful blue.
keep quiet now, my little girl.
lose yourself in flowers,
the touch, the scent, the whole world,
everything loves you.

you are the light of the world
everything calls your name
you are the most beautiful child
keep quiet now, and do not weep.

keep quiet now, my dear,
find yourself in meadows.
find yourself with your true other self,
let nothing take you.

be free, like the wind and flowers,
fly away, when something’s not right.
be a leaf in the wind, or a bird,
that always takes to flight.

keep quiet now, my little girl,
still your quivering form.
you’ve held me, let me hold you,
let me keep you warm.
‘ vivaldi latin ‘
from Juditha Triumphans,
‘ Arma, caedes, vindictae, furores ‘

& ‘ Agitata infido flatu ‘

Arma, caedes, vindictae, furores
Angustiae, timores
Precedite nos.
O bellicae sortes,
Mille plagas,
Mille mortes
Adducite vos.
Agitata infido fatu
Diu volatu
Maesta hirundo
It plorando
Boni ignara.
Sed impulsu aurae serenae
Tantae cito oblita poenae
In dilecta
Dulcia tecta
Gaudii ridet haud avara.
Weapons, slaughters, vengances, furies,
Straits, fears,
Go before us;
O warlike fates;
A thousand plagues,
A thousand deaths,
Bring them, you!

Driven by the faithless blast,
Long in wandering
The sad swallow
Goes in grief,
Ignorant of good.
But with a breath of serene air
Quickly forgetful of such pain,
In the beloved
Sweet shelter
She laughs, no longer thirsting for joy.
God is in the prairie grass,
you can only see him on summer days,
only by reflection of a reflection of a gentle wave,
or in a picture of a summer in the prairie.
re: God is in the prarie grass
[ blazeofglory ]
God is of course in the prairie grass
But here too, clandestinely
For we are images of God only

Can you find a great amount of resemblance
Between me and God
Between you and God
What remains of this world
But love and only love.
the truth will amaze you
you will not believe
but it always existed
for you to receive.
(1) a mystery
See? He’s ceasing his creation-
Glowing smiling he is pleased.
Don’t console him, though.
It’s not worth caring about, either.
Sad, lamenting now,
Please feel to express yourself,
As he dries his eyes, breathless
(He’s been running through the city).

He is finished with his creation-
But there is no depth there.
There was no time to perfect,
But don’t get too involved.
It’s not worth caring about, anyway.

And he’s no good at chasing.
He is drained and used.

Don’t feel bad for me, though.
Don’t call me brilliant, or lame.
Selfish, call me selfish.
Yes, I’m unattractive.
But I wouldn’t want you to, either.
Don’t call me tense, or lazy,
In fact, it’s not worth caring about, either.

There is no reason.
It’s better the joy.
You’d have to tell me
If we’re there still-
If you really want to marry,
Meet me in the orchard.

And joy and health exclaim!

(2) there is no negativity in my thoughts
Joy and health celebrate!
Joy and health exclaim!
Openness, like that of the sky
Formless, and yet in form,
Metaphysical, a culminating song.

Be merciful, and find yourself pleasant.
The wind, keep quiet, let us find our inner light.
This is a song, this is a whisper,
This is a calling you to good,
Perhaps it is beyond the meaning,

But winds should help to bring it across.
While here, there are no cheap shots,
And I have not “it might seem so bad,”
There is no negativity in my thoughts.

(3) relaxed, the perfect tense!
Relaxed, the perfect tense!
Timing and metaphorical true form,

Radiance, unending true radiance,
Helps to bring the meaning about.

As well as breathing thoughts,
Concentrated well on glory,
Believing they have power,
Cathecting the violence, and power,
Consecrate, always.

Experiencing the wisdom of…
And the wisdom of the
The wild.
‘ the day is new, and remember ‘
the day is new, and remember
the day is new, and remember,
we are always building to something.
for a respect of words,
we leave them alone for now.

join us in our departure,
we are leaving for silence,
this wordy world is left behind,
and we are in the silence of the heart.

and focus is slowly regained,
concentration is made right.
the way of the heart always leads me there,
to light.
Reaching —
For the sky
Or just a bit of air —
In the desert,
A flower blooms and blushes.

And yawning —
Thinking beautiful thoughts —
Each morning,
She settles in for a day of excitement —
She has the sun, all day, to watch.

Loving —
Chershing —
The sun and all around her —
The warmth —
The nights are all the same.
daughter in spirit elect
Writing to a girl who writes sad songs
About Heaven and the Earth.
She writes about lost little boys,
That die in their mothers’ arms.
Little children,
Looking down to Earth from Heav’n,
Sad people, starving in the streets.

Writing to a girl who’s merciful and compassionate —
Tends to the sick and to the sick of heart.
Writes in her journal and she writes happy poems,
Loves her nature and god.
Writing to a girl that’s devoted to God,
Divided to no two purposes. Devoted only to sacred ones and
Writes poems and songs.

Might be the pretty girl Mrs. Lynn Linton,
A daughter in spirit elect,
That Swinburne writes about.
Or she might be the fair miss Francissa
That Valentine hidden in Gordian knot.
She’s not a girl defined in this poem, but this poem describes her —
Everyone should be this girl —
A daughter in spirit elect.
healthy child of eight
Cry your tears-
The sky is falling!
And then dry your
Tears on the wind.

Don’t hide your face-
Let the sun dry your tears.
Who said bloody?
The wind is good for your beautiful eyes.

Health is happy.
And you are too!
Your eyes are so bright and hale,
Child of eight.
I stand amid the drizzle,
That soon will turn to rain.
Naked in the forest,
I call her name again.

I think on all I’ve lost,
The hearts that I had won,
Or at least the turning point,
Where I changed from young and fair
To a monster to behold.

Lost within the leaves,
A million instants enveloped in one,
I cannot help comparing this scene,
So beautiful and serene,
To the loving face of the girl I loved,
The shining face in my mind.

And since, to grace, a moment,
An instant is it only takes,
Like the mythological Celtic Stag,
To return, to that self-same spot,
Reflected here, by Mr. Poe,
Like a circle that ever returneth in,
Is grace that’s all I have.

And though from grace I often fall,
I have the gift the gods–
One god, anyway, or a fairy–
That she gave me with a kiss.
The calm leaves crowining the lady immortal
Is now my coronal.

A star, a bell, that one I loved,
Who ever returned my thoughts,
I call to her, softly now,
Across the land and sea,
To where she sleeps at ease.

And to angelic host,
I beg she is kept well,
My gaze, heaven bound,
Looking at endless slate sky,

Sealed to you, who knows my heart is thine,
I place all things yours,
And all things mine.

Haha, I’m crazy, but if you could follow my thought processes you’d be very happy.
Of Pennies and Half-Pennies

A penny moment came to me,
And it asked me who I am.
I told him, “I’m a half-penny,
And you may call me Sam.”

A penny dream came passing by,
He took me for a cent.
I told him, “I’m a half-penny,”
And he knew what I meant.

A penny thought accused me bad,
He said I killed a man.
Now you’ll see a very sad
Half-penny Sam.
I made chapatis for the first time today. It was a lot of fun! It was a success, only I made them a little too big and used a little too much ghee, so it took longer than it should have to cook them. Still, they were wonderful I thought. I had one with kitcherie.
‘my teachers’
A few weeks ago – longer? – I was reflecting on my life and my teachers, and I realized how many of the German geniuses and poets have been important to me. . . It roughly went Hesse – Goethe, Japsers, Fichte, Meister Eckhart, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer – these last two are wonderful to read, but also to set down, as they, especially the former, emphasized thinking for oneself above all else – and so many times it has come back to Goethe, and others – then, when I started studying from Novalis, was when I really began to realize how many German poets and thinkers were there. Meister Eckhart was a Christian mystic, I believe he must have influenced Goethe to some extent.

Some interesting thoughts by Hesse:

Today I was looking up quotes by Novalis and came across a very interesting thing – the Leaflets of the White Rose. Leaflets of the White Rose

That quote was from here: ; it’s slightly different than the translation on the site given above.

These beautiful leaflets were put out during the war in the 1940’s in Germany. .
One thing that I found most striking and interesting – a couple months ago, I was reflecting on the state of the world, how we can create peace, and help save the ecosystem, the balance of biodiversity – and I realized that one helpful thought is that there is a war machine – as surely as there is a refrigerator; it is much vaster, with many more moving parts, but it is a machine none-the-less, and it can be turned off. . .we can do so, we can achieve this; all it takes is enough action and shift of consicousness in the right places. . . we can do this.

An interesting quote from the site: (of leaflet #3)
“Probably the most famous of the first four leaflets, this is the one in which they clearly define what passive resistance looks like – what the man on the street can sabotage in order to bring the war machine to its knees.”

I just like this, that the thought was developed independently. . . it’s just pleasant. I had earlier written this:

“1) preserve the ecology – of utmost importance.
2) end war, turn OFF the war machine (there is one, let’s turn it off ok?)
3) improve social justice.”

What I had written in more full:

The messages of peace and wisdom from Hanh, Rumi and others – these are generally very potent, very liberating. I think of them now – after having learned from them for years – as the basics. . . Hanh, especially, is a most insightful and skillful, compassionate and kind teacher. . . The things he says are so liberating, and so beneficial to humanity. . . they can really help restore peace. I think of them sort of as John C Lilly mentions, reprogramming the human computer, or metaprogramming. . I haven’t read his books, I havne’t needed to – but you program yourself will all of what you store in your consciousness, in your heart, mind and body. So if you find the most true, the most insightful, the most powerful words of the wisdom traditions. . . then you will find the results very wonderful. And one day, if it’s your wish and you work for it, you’ll surpass them in understanding. Just to understand that you can do so – just as, all of what I have said; I am sure that over the years I will continue to grow, and many years hence, it will be a much older form of thinking.

In any case, the fact that we program ourselves, by all of what we store in our consciousness, and heart and body, this makes it apparent and clear to me that the most important principle of self-discovery, of self-evoltuion, is the principle of selecitivity – the filter we use to find what is true and good, and bring that into our heart. . .

Bassui, Bankei, and Dogen are also exceptionally enjoyable Zen teachers in my view. . .Milarepa is the greatest psychologist. . .but his way is tantra, so, be sure you have done the requisite work to understand him. . .

Sri Ramana Maharshi and Zen master Bassui, very interestingly, both taught exclusively the path of self-enquiry, almost the very same way. . . Swami Vivekananda, Black Elk, Laoze and the Bassui all, somewhat independently, came to the same conclusion, that only when one realizes they are one with the universe, will they know true peace. . .

One day, maybe, this will be old news. 🙂

If it matters to people, my ideals are 3-fold,

1) preserve the ecology – of utmost importance.
2) end war, turn OFF the war machine (there is one, let’s turn it off ok?)
3) improve social justice.
Some books-

Siddhartha, Herman Hesse,
Powers Within, Sri Aurobindo and Mira Alfassa,
Entering the Stream, edited by Samuel Bercholz, Sherab Chödzin Kohn, and Bernardo Bertolucci,
Drinking the Mountain Stream, by Milarepa
Living From the Source, by Swami Vivekananda,
The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Ramakrishna
The Joyous Cosmology, by Alan Watts
In my Own Way, by Alan Watts
The Unborn, by Zen Master Bankei
Black Elk Speaks, by Black Elk,
Be Here Now, by Ram Dass

the poetry and teachings of Rumi, Dogen Zenji, Shelley, Goethe, Blake,
the dharma talks of Thich Nhat Hanh, and Tara Brach

A Primer on Group Psychotherapy, by Dr. Ray Naar,
Farther Reaches of Human Nature, by Abraham Maslow,
A few of my other teachers:

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Indian aint and mystic; primarily taught the path of self-enquiry as the means to Self-realization.

Sri Aurobindo –

Writer, poet, and teacher; was influenced by Swami Vivekananda and previous traditions. . . Was educated in England but came back to India to learn more of his spiritual roots.

Sri Ramakrishna

Saint and poet – considered by many to be a holy personality, several years of his life and all of his teachings are recorded in The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna


Zen monk and teacher. . . reknowned for teaching a simple, understandable philosophy of liberation, on the Unborn. . well-beloved by laypeople of his day.

Bassui –

Zen monk and teacher – remarkable in my book for the similarity of his method to Ramana Maharshi – both taught primarily the path of self-enquiry as well.


Tibetan saint-poet.


Thich Nhat Hanh…H-Quotes-2.htm

Black Elk…aks-Index.html

Some of the informative, intelligent, and compassionate teachers of altered states of reality –

Alan Watts, John C Lilly, Ram Dass, Terrence McKenna.
Another statement about the machine – I believe part of what I posted on the thread Peace.

What I really want to do is to turn the war machine off – there is one, as sure as there’s a refrigerator in many kitchens. It’s just larger, with more moving parts, but it’s still a machine, none-the-less, and like any machine, it can be turned off; we just have to make it so.

So – please share your thoughts, your stories. . How can we work for peace? In my life, the best way is to share presence. . the poor, the people who are cut off from the rest of society – a lot of times they don’t know the way out. . . So, I would say, let’s bring them back into society – with open arms. The old Gaelic phrase, “Praise the child, and she flourishes.”

A couple more thoughts (by Hanh):

“I am inviting you to go deeper, to learn and to practice so that you become someone who has a great capacity for being solid, calm, and without fear, because our society needs people like you who have these qualities, and your children, our children, need people like you, in order to go on, in order to become solid, and calm, and without fear.”

“We who have touched war have a duty to bring the truth about war to those who have not had a direct experience of it. We are the light at the tip of the candle. It is really hot, but it has the power of shining and illuminating. If we practice mindfulness, we will know how to look deeply into the nature of war and, with our insight, wake people up so that together we can avoid repeating the same horrors again and again.”

So it’s possible. How could it not be possible?

We just really have to turn off the war-machine. . . it’s a big task, but it’s very doable. Share your best ideas – in places where they will help, where they will do good. .

My basic ideals – find peace, share peace, share happiness, and work for peace and to save, preserve, and protect the eco-system.

Thanks for reading.
In Black Elk’s words –

“The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells Wakan-Tanka , and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us. This is the real peace, and the others are but reflections of this. The second peace is that which is made between two individuals, and the third is that which is made between two nations. But above all you should understand that there can never be peace between nations until there is known that true peace, which, as I have often said, is within the souls of men.”
Novalis’ original quote –

“Blood will stream over Europe until the nations become aware of the frightful madness which drives them in circles. And then, struck by celestial music and made gentle, they approach their former altars all together, hear about the works of peace, and hold a great celebration of peace with fervent tears before the smoking altars.”
As quoted in the Fourth Leaflet of the White Rose (1942).
I am very lucky – I was born out in the country, without a TV, with lots of fresh air and nature to run around in; with lots of love and beauty around me; and later as I grew up, I had some of the best teachers. . But everything is temporary, though also eternal – what we take from the kind and loving teachers who grace our lives is what plants the seeds of a more beautiful life: the most important thing is to learn, love and grow – and learn how to live in peace – create peace in the world, and from that place of stillness, in the light and love of Nature – there alone we can see the higher reality that is meant for us to bring to this earth.

Every moment we are new – every instant we are new – but we do not always feel new; we do not always feel refreshed, strong, rejuvenated, although if we understand life, and understand ourselves, we will come to know that we are, at every moment. This is a curious phenomenon of life, one I have been considering all my life. . It is clear that the answer is to be found when we look at the problem with a calm awareness. Every moment we are new – but we only experience the full life of growth – of love – if we are able to experience the boundless space of freedom when we are loved fully for whom we are, and we are able to live fully for art, love, and beauty – only when we can live from the source of live – can we bring life and rejuvenation back into the world..

The first part of life is to question – to wonder, to be curious – and this part of life never fades; but the second part of life is to rejoice, to laugh, to live completely with love and happiness, and all rejuvenating powers, and art and beauty which forever create new life, new love, new forms of culture, and peace and hope in the world. The first part of life will never leave us – and ideally, the sources of love and happiness, that are so deep within us, will sustain us whenever a difficult threatens to overcome us. The greatest souls of humankind have always been exceedingly adept at various skills – especially at creating new life in the world – at understanding what leads to rejuvenation of our planet, and what leads away from it. The brightest stars of homo sapiens have always been in love with Nature, and her intricacy and beauty, and her preservation and peace.

Every day we are new, but only if we learn to be who we are – we create our life, our world; and so we can just as easily choose to be insensitive, unable to feel, unable to care, as we are able to create hope and peace vast and spreading throughout the world – to live with power is the goal and the key, and the primary ingredient is to know ourselves as free and at peace – to know that we are the authors of our fate, not some external events or laws; not the characters within a book, written down on some page – nay, we the writer, holding the pen and the book, aware of another dimension altogether more lovely and beautiful – to get free in this way is the key of life, the goal of life, and the only thing worthwhile in life – mundane love and happiness are helpers along the way, they sustain us along our path, but they are not real substitutes for the boundless wealth of happiness, peace and bliss which we may inherit if we but choose.

“Nature has secrets, not because she is tricky, but because she is sublime,” – Einstein said, and well he was worth listening to. So, too, if one seeks for the greatest secrets of life, they will always come – but only if we seek with an ardent heart, with a promising fate – we will learn, we will know, we will understand – whatever the deepest lore of life and love there exists within me – it is within me, and I shall understand. Whatever truth, whatever beauty, is at the core of my existence, the heart and soul of my being – this I shall one day inherit, one day know, and live with in happiness. All that we wish to have, we shall have – such is the law of life. – Every motivational speaker is correct. But what many of them are forgetting is – what is it that we should wish to have?

In other words, power alone is nothing to wish for – power with no temperance, with no guiding love of wisdom, is not a good thing at all; but life, happiness, peace, beauty, and love – these are all ideas and thoughts which have lives, and which are powerful in themselves. Instead it is wise to always seek for truth – light, love and peace – for these are attainable in an eternal degree, whilst worldly power is only a fleeting thing, illusory and temporary, and not satisfying to the deeper heart. Much happier is the person who knows where they began, their source, and knows to where they will go – again and also, their source.

All of the ideals of the past have some value – but they are not eternally valid or true: all of the morals throughout history are touching stones only, places to step while we are climbing to the truth of life in the present day – and what we must needs to do to live in peace and harmony in the modern world. Ideas and ideals of the previous eras and minds have great value – but only for temporary learning – as the world is forever changing, so the ideals which we must embrace are always changing: the current problems are ones which have never faced us before – although if one were able to peer into the future, then one would be able to know what our problems are, from the distant past. Nevertheless – omniscience besides – our current problems are rather unique.

While they have been there, inherent, in seed-form in the past, in the present moment the world is new and different, and what is facing us is uniquely challenging. Every day the world human population is added to by another 200,000, give or take, and it truly seems like just yesterday to me that it was only 50,000 each day. We are very likely at the beginning stages of a mass extinction event, and the rates of extinction have gone up by several thousand percent, from what is the background rate, at a neutral pace – this is above all the most important concern of our existence; and these problems must be faced either today or another time – and they will be much easier to deal with the sooner we work to solve them.

But these are facts which should inspire in us change – but not any feeling of sadness or despair. Indeed, afflictive emotions which erode at the spirit are never our ally or friend – all that engenders hope, wisdom, peace – these are our spirits truest companions, our allies in any time, of peace or struggle, as they have always been.

So, while I say these things – this somewhat dire situation – there is nothing but peace, hope, and gladness in my heart; for I am happy what peace work I have done, what wars I have prevented, what steps I have taken. . . In one perspective – I have not done nearly enough – but in another perspective, I have done more than almost anyone I have ever met in my life – the difference is only one of degree. To see things clearly it’s above all necessary to know that we can achieve anything – but to be able to weigh the benefits and costs of what we do.

And always – return to sanctuary, to refuge, to peace and hope and love – for these are the rejuvenating forces in the spirit of humanity – embrace them fully, live in their light until we experience the love, bliss, hope and peace that is our birthright, that is our source and the truth of a powerful life. . . Let go of everything and experience life and love fully – then you’ll begin to know your true power, that source of love within you, that will never fade, as long as you live to create peace, and hope and truth in the world. Become a sanctuary to others by your actions and words – allow freedom and peace and love to blossom, and then share it with all the world. Prevent the future wars by understanding that you have the power to stop them – by living in the space of freedom you create for yourself, by living in that creative space. Knowing that you are free – you are sovereign; and never giving up that power to media, corporations, or anything which doesn’t ring true to your inner heart.

Understand that when we all act together – we have the power to bring life and love, peace and rehabilitation, back into this world, this ecosystem, this planet of life – but we have to make the journey, so that we are free, so that we are creating new culture every day – And then we can rejoice, dance, because we have helped saved the earth. When we act in unison, to bring an end to that machine – to bring harmony, peace, and sustainable living into the world – then we have the power to succeed.
eternal way of peace-
hidden in plain sight
infinite peace from
love, and beauty’s light.
persuade, never –
live in peace, forever.

energy of mindfulness,
and peace,
to all the worlds.

deeply rooted in tradition,
i have discovered new-found vision,
who i am and what i stand for is written
in these lines, a bit of life, past history,
and then all of peace i have found.
and life, let us share peace.
to all of the world.
There are so many secrets of this life
Hidden in the breeze,
I wouldn’t tell, but keep them safe
In these melodies-
In daytime I listen to my old, sweet friend,
the brightest songs
of the minstrel, to myself suspend,
and my soul belongs
in the windiest leaves, in a smile,
to rise up, to fly
In a single straight line, for a while
for the night sky.
My friend had peace and joy at heart,
an angel dance
had strengthened love in him to art
and lovely chance-
I’ve reached a thousand heavens, just
to find my muse,
All of life comes down to trust,
and what to choose.
I had a friend say that we are love,
a kind of love shines right through-
and whatever we give life to from above,
it will be true.
Heaven eternally flows
to the roots,
and fills again a life that grows
from tiny shoots.
I speak of what I know, so dear,
infinite life surrounding-
And spaciousness, wide, free, and clear,
from the root abounding.
An empty irritation, ‘ere life is through
is felt and released, and washed anew.
To write poetry,
one must forget that one can’t write poetry.
And to forget that one can’t write poetry
is an undaunted task-
one that requires
unlimited attention,
fills one’s soul, and then
only then will one write true beauty;
and yet, to say that one is a failure,
is the biggest inducement of failure, ever.
To other poets, your beauty shines,
And I am gratefully your hearer.

Every line is a laugh,
and a beautiful soul speaking;

If you breathe, and hold,
and feel, and know –

Infinite wisdom and compassion
draws forth greater love and passion,

from the whole entire sovereign nation
If you breathe, and hold.

Everything that would destroy me
Vanishes in my breathing.

Everything that would hold me
Cannot control me.

I have lived and died a thousand, million times.
So have you. Can we put an end to war?
what would be the key
to life
the secret
what would be the answer
the one thread
a thread through them all

i would say hope
its call
its voice
an answer unlocking heavenly dreams
and the key to why nature only seems
to elude
A touch on the forehead by an angel is this
an education in life, love, and infinite bliss
For I am just a little ghoul,
and I do not go to school
by a bus or on a train,
in daytime or in the night.
But I’ve found, all to my gain
That I’ve learned the lesson right:

I cannot speak of how I came,
nor how I knew;
but I would, gladly, all the same
listen to you.

It’s rare for disparate, desparate,
desolate beta waves
to come right to the heart of it
or history save.

In the quest for certain ken of truth
One must begin;
And it’s well to leave in early youth
than to settle in.

How sweet does life taste,
when peace is known!
As Life would never a moment waste,
or miss its own.
How I yearn for a new day, a fresh page,
Youth coupled with the wisdom of age-
Any way to reveal myself to me,
An answering spark of my future destiny.
Peace of knowing that spirit spark
That sings without tune, and glides without arc,
A gentle reminder of days that were
I’d let go, I’d let go, I’d let go for sure
If I could remember that my heart glitters
And hastens above, and calls to the critters,
“Come haste, come haste! ye little’uns wild!
Come haste, and find, and speak to y’er child.”
My day, almost perfect, becomes perfect sitll
when all around me, your echoing will
in warmth, love, surrounds me, and I
cannot remember the where or the why

I fell deeply, and blissfully, in love with you-
An imagined love, an imagined blue,
and certainty traded for shadowy clues
in singing chaos and transforming shoes.

My day, and all my tears fell just like rain
upon the windshield, and there’s no pain
that could relate, or any care,
to bother me since I know that you are there.

I need nothing, nor do I want anything either
I am happy with the pleasantries that are-
A moment’s truth, was all I ever needed
to know that in my life I have succeeded.

I have not known a thing except your face-
and felt a share, when I looked there, of grace.
I have not knowng a thing, knowng a thing,
Except that to love is to sing, and to sing.
All my promises I shall keep
if my heart you would gladly know
and I know I shall not weep
If my dreams should not be so;
Gardens and palaces divine-
Animals play while angels guard;
Whistlers and bards and fortune’s shine
Listlessness and futility against to ward.
This is what I think about,
What I cannot do without
Nor merchant’s greed
Could sate my need;

Ah, little cat, I love you so!
And your electricity tingles, know-
But you grow, without knowing,
And you know, without showing.
I need nothing except the day
When heaven’s fears have gone away,
And lateness gave up years ago,
Without the tracest mark on snow.
I am not special or extra-special
Or shout to your pretty face, “Bull!”
But I will go passing on quietly,
And saving the world with my poetry.
A hundred million coccoons I would give, for your smile,
And I would gladly linger for a little while
In sight of you, while through the wispy haze
our sunny friend of bright-moonlight assays.

I have always felt so connected to the sun, and sky,
And the moist ground, with its layers of life, don’t reply,
yet with their presence, and glistening softness
relate the day to peacefulness.

One day more, shine into my heart-
As if I knew you from the start
As you break through the clouds, it
never seemed so much like trust and life fit.

Sacred heart, blessed vision,
Lordly sight; alluring precision.
My heart is found whole and new
A thousand million times, ‘ere life is through.
If you could see the future and past,
Presently destiny,
The burroughed grove, the die to cast,
Would you trust the secret to me?

For I have wandered near and far,
For many a blissful year,
And wished and prayed upon a wild, blue star,
To be away with fear.

For aeons I have watched the cast,
And ocean in the spray,
And followed how every night became past,
And how the past became today.

If you knew the way to become a true star,
How would you tell me?
Would you think it hard so that I from afar,
Could understand destiny?

There isn’t an echo, there isn’t a year
I cannot see today
Nor future, nor histoire, nor courage nor fear,
Amid ocean’s spray.

If you could fill all sides of nature,
Spin the loom of Life,
Craft and engender the cause of the future,
Would you save my life?

I nothing am –
and glad I came –
Thy little lamb,
She knows thy name.
New light;
Smile to your Sorrow
Let me go- let me go
to the lake of dreams,
where light is shadow
and darkness seems
to shade delight –
The growing flowers
In hidden night
Reflect the hours
In carefree ways.
Sing softly, now, then
Of glittering days,
And peace within.

I nothing am –
and glad I came –
Thy little lamb,
She knows thy name.

Fate let me go –
and now I know
that I am free,
and nought controls thee.

Sweet thought, sorrow smiling;
I’m away – I’ll away be.
Few thoughts, unbeguiling,
Reach the root of a tree.

What shall I bring, returning?
If I should return to life –
I would leave behind fears and yearning
and put an end to strife.

Life and dreams are two and one,
The same, are one and two;
When dreaming life is through and done,
Life’s dreams are done and through.

A gleeful bad poem was sung to me;
On the third day of traverse,
And the poet hid behind a tree,
Before I could answer worse.

Once I smiled to sorrow;
And in reply, it said,
“I am here tomorrow,”
So I slept instead.
‘ the road where we meet ‘
The road where we meet
is a gravelly dirt path
a simple, quiet lane;
traveled and transitory.
Flooded in sunlight,
barefoot it seems
that all roads lead here.
Stories can all be heard,
quietly wrapped
in sunbathed pebbles
and petals, and insects, too.
“The ends of the earth”
are open to you;
a shimmering vision,
it all becomes true.
‘ faintly ‘
By the candlelight, I write my tale
Of a girl who lived a little while
She grew under pain and threats,
Where is the relief for a life like this?

She fell in love with a beating heart,
But hers was almost dead,
In her smile hope glowed faintly,
Flickeringly, and seemed to fade.

Her life hung in the balance;
She thought, “No second chances,
Life’s restrictions leave no time,”
She couldn’t find the restoring spring.

Two paths are open for her now;
One will walk in the light of truth,
Inspiriting – or, closing sight, enter darkness’
illusion, of a flighting youth.

One would take her soul, but give her life back,
The other would clothe her in a wondrous robe;
Best may be yet a third route, staying still,
To mindfully travel across the globe.

And so for a time she makes the best choices,
In caverns and mountains and valleys and fields
She found her old life, and in the day
was gladdened each hour by what the soul yields.

No thought intrudes on a joy divine
That shines out on pasts of a still heart –
Symbols of majesty, beautiful images
Are but as shadows of a novel art.

Falling, nor flying, nor failing, she
Has never found the space within,
Nor set a foot upon the fair ground
From which the journey did begin.

But at last her choices did make right
The grievances fate had cast her way,
And became a glorious, wonderful Tree
And a Star to turn a winter’s day.

No thought now enters or breaks the calm
Of the tomb this girl has left behind.
Freedom’s feeling has since moved on,
Giving her life for another kind.

Chaos took her life too soon,
And complicated ours, I think;
. . . Many stars shine brighter
And many trees took hold;

An unfinished life lives lighter,
Its tale is never quite told
If its author dies so early,
To be born but to never grow old.
‘ you’ll never miss ‘
Take a shot at me; you’ll never miss.
The folk scene in England,
California’s freedom, the burning sun
Activity, dancing, drumming, this –
Is death returned to life.

Take a glance at me, you’ll never guess
What nonsense is spoken in the hall,
They gave us not a thing, nothing at all,
Without listening, suddenly heard a Yes –
Mother to become a wife.

I’ll set out sailing, glad to be free –
Singing out across the ocean
How each soul reached perfection
Gently placed in our shared melody
Oh sweet rest, silent rest, so tight –

Now there’s a young soul glancing
All below that sheltering bough
That shades him and his loving cow,
The Truth in him, always laughing, dancing
Deep into the early morning light;

Thankfully, oh gratefully, JOYFULLY SING
These dancing folk mother nature’s praise
Would find rest in work’s perfection days
And wrapped up in love, most anything
Would seem most like a dancing step –

And power is here, but more so love,
Where light awakens heart’s beauty song
And stepping light, there following along
A black swan where it should never be.
Timeless, out of space and without voice,
A formless bird from unknown dimension
Matchless – she’s born of light and dark.
With divine beauty and infinite grace, all,
Unsung, nor heard, nor spoken, or known,
But written in hearts forgotten long ago,
Beyond our remembrance and forgetfulness –
Beyond the end of captivity and deliverance.
‘ untitled poetry ‘
The hunter, silently,
advances on the night.
Alert, perceptive, strong,
Not weakened by anything.
. . .
Heart thawed,
Body-mind unfolded
walking briskly.
. . .
Soft skin,
good muscles,
perfect health,
perfect body,
breathing blissfully.












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